Cuadro de texto: Volume II — Number 78	        	June  2015

· British Festival. M. A. Carretero.

The program of activities of the four days which has made the Festival has been very extensive and intense, with lectures, artist demonstrations, family activities, guided tours to other Festival visits collaborating centers, exhibition of works, sale articles, etc.

It should be noted that all the artists who have participated in the Festival had to be British or foreign that llevasen more than two years living in the UK.

The events that have interested us were the demonstrations by some artists such as Dante Marioni, Janusz Pozniac, James Devereux, Chris Maas and Allister Malcolm.

In one of the rooms of the complex they have been exposed all jobs that have participated in the contest for the best work of the Festival, an honor that has fallen this year in a piece of Ashraf Hanna, an Egyptian artist who lives in the UK since Many years ago.

The winning work can be seen in the photographs attached to the end of this Bulletin.

Among the collaborating centers of this Festival, and also we visited, highlight the Broadfield House Glass Museum, Holy Trinity Church Wordsley, the Red House Glass Cone and St. John's Church, whose images can be seen in the photo albums We included in our Facebook page.

The organization of the Festival can be classified as perfect and has been supported by numerous volunteers, members of the CGS, who collaborated in the realization of this important event in the glass art worldwide.

Of all the events in which we have been present we have taken a lot of graphic images and a number of them include them in our Facebook page.

Taking advantage we have been located at a hotel in the nearby city of Birmingham, we visited its most famous landmarks such as the Museum & Art Gallery, the Library, the Bullring Shopping Centre, the neighborhood of jewelers and we have also taken some walks in the margins channels through this major British city.

We were lucky with the weather occurred during our stay, since it only rained one morning. The temperature has not risen in the 17th but, apparently, is a summer temperature for the inhabitants of this area, many of whom wore short-sleeved clothes and sandals, while we do not prescindíamos of our outerwear.

We regret the profound ignorance of the Spanish language that have these latitudes, a fact which is mitigated by the large presence of citizens of our country who have come to these shores in search of a brighter future.

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Monthly Newsletter

The last week of last May were attending the International Festival of Glass in the British town of Stourbridge.

This area of ​​the center of the UK has always enjoyed a great glassmaking tradition, as witnessed by some old production centers in the area.

The Festival was held at the Glasshouse Arts Centre, a sprawling complex where are located several buildings to develop various activities related to the art glass.

This exhibition also features the Glasshouse College, where training on the various techniques for the use of glass is taught.

This complex is the Ruskin Glass Centre, main building where they have developed a good part of the events of the Festival.

The workshops are in this room are equipped with a lot of elements to make the work with glass, both using techniques cold as hot techniques.

Cuadro de texto: Lewis Olson